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Market prospect analysed Korea project machine 2008
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2008, market of Korea project machine will continue the each other of home and foreign market accompanied coadjutant situation 2007, predicting output grows 13.6% compared to the same period, amount to 90 thousand or so.

2008, construction of project of Korea mainland project is fervent, the competition of company of Korea project machinery in home market is consequently main in be being centered in the investment to these projects and contest mark. In addition, intense market competition also can promote the rapid development between the enterprise and mutual cooperation. Accordingly, sale of home of Korea project machine predicted to grow 11.2% compared to the same period 2008, amount to twenty thousand five hundred. Export side, below the posture that rising market continues to develop quickly, export of machine of predicting Korea project increases 15.3% compared to the same period, amount to sixty-eight thousand four hundred.

2007, korea home published a series of relevant policy, especially tax of among them equipment entrance profit adds policy, promoted the growth of sales volume of home of machine of native land project greatly, certainly will of this one condition will be right Korea home market continued to produce benefit good effect 2008. Actually, after the four seasons was spent 2007, trend of competition of company of machinery of Korea country project is strengthened, the addition that civilian establishment builds will promote project installation cost further.

According to Korea construction industry department is forecasted, suffer land the influence of balanced development facilities, korea construction investment will increase than last year 4.0% , this also will be versed in to driving Cheng reachs huge stimulative action since the development of mechanical industry. In addition, of the large project such as urban construction, company construction, public facilities construction begin stage by stage, SOC is estimated expand and project machine is relevant the development of the industry, also can make project machinery industry is benefited among them.

In afore-mentioned advantage drive below, 2008, sale of home of machine of predicting Korea project grows 11.2% compared to the same period, amount to twenty thousand five hundred. 2007 first half of the year, have sales volume of grab Korea home grab of 7.5% 5.5 tons of crawler, annulus type grab and market of 14 tons of grab enter normal development course, predict the 2~3 henceforth year still can be in ascendant trend. As the addition that each project project invests, grab of 24 tons of above main large and medium-sized the growth of equipment market demand will have dominant effect. And below the trend influence that invests wear off in prospective building construction, korea home is large and medium-sized the market demand of crawler grab will be very inaccessible the increase rate 2007. The increase rate of sales volume of Korea home grab predicted to be 2008 10.8% , with rate of photograph comparing growth can put delay somewhat 2007. To medium or small fork-lift truck, predict 2.5 stere and the following type will grow 2.8% compared to the same period. Below the influence that increases in taxation, predict Korea home forklift sold increase rate 2008 for 10.1% , this will be from 2006 later, hopeful of Korea home forklift carries the increase rate of 10% 3 years continuously. In addition, korea home sales volume dropped to rise and increase market demand what because build project start working to lead,the pump car of 8.6% also meets 2007, predict year of increase rate for 12% .
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