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German bridle buys Amafeierte group
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Ministry of career of clear system of filter of industry of limited company of clear system of German bridle filter signed a significant agreement formally a few days ago, aim to be located in Holand to group holding company carries out Akema's Amafeierte and be bought to headquarters.

The group has Amafeierte now about 450 employee, its sales revenue predicted to be able to amount to 80 million euro 2008. Limited company of bridle filter clear system plans to buy former total share. Nevertheless, buy behavior this to still remain the formal approval of antitrust orgnaization. The main scope of operations of the company is the Qing Dynasty of compositive type filter that devotes oneself to to offer processing technology place to need solution.

The group is in Amafeierte the manufacturing base that Holand, England, France, Italy and American and other places all have him, the existing production facilities of ministry of this clear to bridle industry filter career was formed undoubtedly good complementary. And, its range of products and client structure respect special also the actual condition that agrees with career ministry to have. Henceforth a few years, the group plans to make full use of the market inside the industry such as technology of food, energy, oil, natural gas and chemical industry expands latent capacity, in order to achieve the remarkable growth that its sell outstanding achievement.

Bridle group is the whole world one of suppliers of 30 the biggest car a replacement. As internal-combustion engine and side of product of its form a complete set top-ranking component is mixed is all manufacturer, the group becomes orgnaization of spare parts of piston system, cylinder, valve, air to control system and liquid to dominate systematic field already 3 supply one of tycoons greatly, below its banner 110 factories and center of 8 research and development have about 48000 stuff in all. 2007, group sales revenue already exceeded 5 billion euro.