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Frequency conversion compressor: The Qian Gandi that dismiss a statement conside
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Frequency conversion compressor:

   Frequency conversion compressorIt is to point to relative to the compressor with constant rotate speed character, it is certain that through a kind control means or method make its rotate speed is in adjust continuously inside limits, can successive change outputs the compressor of energy.

Traditional compressor relies on his ceaselessly " , stop " will adjust, waste more electric energy. Frequency conversion air conditioning relies on the speed of rotate speed of frequency conversion compressor to achieve the goal that controls room temperature, room temperature is fluctuant small, electric energy is used up little, its easy rises greatly moderately.

Apply frequency conversion to control frequency conversion air conditioning of the technology, can choose automatically to make hot, refrigeration and dehumidify movement way according to environmental temperature, make the bedroom reachs the temperature of a need quickly inside short time, Frequency conversion compressorFall to fluctuate with lesser difference in temperature in position of low rotate speed, feebleminded cost, came true fast, energy-saving and comfortable dominate lukewarm result.

   Frequency conversion compressorcore is transducer. What it realizes electromotor movement frequency through the changeover to electric current is self-adjusting, the instead of fixed mains frequency 70Hz 20, the metabolic frequency of 150Hz; In the meantime, still make limits of power source voltage is achieved 150, 300V, because voltage is flabby,solved thoroughly and the difficult problem that creates frequency conversion compressor to cannot work.