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The principle of compressor of car air conditioning, sort and control
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The sort of compressor of 1 car air conditioning and working principle brief introduction:

Car air conditioning basically uses cubage type compressor, common type has shake type of board type, inclined disk type, vortex and type of leaf coming back (blade type) ; Additional, divide the amount that decide a platoon according to whether can changing a volume compressor and change the compressor that discharge an amount.

1) shake board type compressor

Compressor of car air conditioning

Should shake board (inclined dish of person) when angle is changed, drive a piston to make reciprocate, will make cryogen steam inspiratory to inspiratory end, begin to compress, carry high-pressured steam condenser.

2) vortex type compressor
Used an unique design, use two eddy dish, a stator, a mover, both interior has impeller blade, can have edge track or do not have complete those who rotate brace up place motion. Mover is linked together through a homocentric bearing and input axis. Undertake in stator when mover brace up when placing, in both between form several minor acupuncture point. When bulk of these minor acupuncture point are contractive, refrigeration agent lifts with respect to pressure of down to be compressioned, pass valve of steam vent bedspring next from eduction of compressor back end.

3) Xie Shi coming back (blade type) compressor
By a rotor, 3 to 4 lamina, and the rotor crust composition with dimension accurate essence. When compressor axis is rotational, blade and rotor crust formed little speech. In making cryogen smoke these little speech by inspiratory aperture, when rotor is rotational, the bulk of these little speech with respect to decrescent. Steam vent arrived after refrigeration agent is compressed completely. Blade and rotor crust fall in the action of centrifugal force by lube sealed. Oil groove and oil pump are in exhaust side, high pressure pushs oil impeller blade to carry a department through oil pump, sealed effect had in rotor crust place. In idle fast when the noise that may hear compressor impeller blade, because lube needs time circularly in air conditioning system,this is.

The control of 2 compressor:
The control of compressor comes true by electromagnetism clutch

Compressor of car air conditioning

As above graphic representation, the leather belt of compressor annulus be in by bearing bearing housing front, when electromagnetism coil does not have electrify, platen and leather belt annulus between hold certain clearance and depart, right now input axis does not turn, compressor does not work.
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