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The action of compressor: The that consider wholesale adds Xing to cut acetic Y
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The action of compressor:

Compressor is one kind compresses gas to raise aeriform pressure or the machine that transport gas, application is very wide. Depart in mining industry, metallurgy course of study, mechanical manufacturing industry, civil engineering, petrochemical industry, refrigeration and gas in project and national defence industry, compressor is one of indispensable crucial equipment. In addition, the demand of the branch such as medical treatment, spin, food, agriculture, traffic also grows day and day. Compressor is called extensively because of its utility current mechanism.

The action of compressorFor: Compress air to serve as motivation, compress air to offer drive tool of all sorts of pneumatic machinery, pneumatic, use at controlling appearance and its automation unit; Window of car apply the brake, door is opened shut; The agitate in pharmacy line of business, brewing industry; Arenaceous waft of the abb in air-jet loom; Of big, medium-sized diesel engine start; High pressure blows up coal mining; In national defence industry of certain weapon blast off, the ejaculation of the ups and downs of submarine, torpedo goes out reach drive and heavy boat to salvage etc. Compress air to be used at refrigeration and classics of aeriform depart gas to compress, cooling, expand and liquefacient, use at artificial refrigeration. Additional, if liquefacient gas is mixture gas when, can be in separate unit lieutenant general each groups the portion departs respectively come out, get all sorts of gas of eligible purity.