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"915 " during I am large foreground of development of empty cent equipment is ho
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"During 915 " , our country will undertake 10 many ten million ton of base of class oil refining change extend, if,accelerate construction do a megaton large ethylene project. As these project projects carry out, concerned expert thinks, in the near future, the demand that our country large sky distributes equipment will last bullish.
Because gas is detached,equipment can supply indispensible oxygen for steely smelt, suffer our country nearly two years to invest what strength increases to pull to iron and steel industry so move, situation of development of industry of equipment of domestic gas depart is favorable. 2005, production and marketing of industry of aeriform depart equipment two flourishing, production, sale, profit and economic benefits all have grow substantially, main economic norms achieves the history top level. Although of iron and steel industry flourishing the " of " golden age that for gas separate equipment industry brought progress, but prospective iron and steel produces the trend that drop in temperature however certainly will affects trade of aeriform depart equipment grow.
And as constrictive as iron and steel industry present contrary state, the progress of Chinese oil and chemical industry is encouraging however. Develop as national economic stability, predict 2007, process capability of our country crude oil will achieve 320 million tons, will amount to 350 million tons 2010. In the meantime, to 2007, ethylene is produced can will amount to 11 million tons, 50% what can satisfy domestic requirement; To 2010, ethylene is produced can will amount to 14 million tons, 56% what can satisfy domestic requirement. Concerned expert thinks, will build ten million henceforth ton class refinery and megaton ethylene plant, right large and medium-sized the demand that distributes equipment for nothing also will increase ceaselessly. Although in last few years stere of 6000~10000 Newton · / the mainstream that the medium-sized sky of the hour divides unit will still be demand, but the business of unifinication of chemical industry of large oil refining that will build henceforth, won't rely on to increase a certain number of covering ceaselessly in that way like old company again medium or small empty cent device undertakes distensible production, stere of 40000 Newton · / the requirement of plant of large sky cent of hour above will increase ceaselessly. During 915 " of predicting " , petrifaction industry will need medium-sized sky to divide unit cent unit of 40 the left and right sides, large air is controlled 10 sets.