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An Ruike is big quantity procrastinates move type air compressor is checked and
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A few days ago, some radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries grows the liberation army and the expert arrives at Anruike all right (mussel port) compressor limited company, to war industry product -- big quantity procrastinates move type air compressor undertook checking and accept (include to produce the spot and product data to wait) . Red of Liu of general manager Wang Fenglin, vise general manager, Hu Xiaobing, and each relevant section leader attended this product to check and accept an activity.

This type is the product of form a complete set that company of the family that bring luck builds project of some stress scientific research to develop for national defence. General manager Wang Fenglin is indicated, every next employee on the company should have " protect maintain a volume character, the powerful nation that allow state " idea, ensure the development of relevant product completes this project satisfactorily. Difficult problem of this project technology is big, the system is complex, but personnel of my company technology not Wei is difficult, unitive cooperation, captured a variety of technology difficulty, pass evaluation many rounds, it is eventually inside formulary time, the each technology index that completed this project satisfactorily designs the job.

After listening to install lucky family company to report, the contribution that army senior officer makes for this project to company of mussel port compressor gave high opinion, can protect unit of the qualitative delivery that maintain a volume to use with respect to the product offerred sufficient affirmation, finally, both sides was signed check and accept qualified report.

Of this product check and accept qualification, it is encouragement to company of mussel port compressor, also be harden oneself, each mussel presses a person to think national defence career does contribution to be flourish, also let a mussel press a person to more confidence builds the company the top-ranking company that becomes territory of world-class energy equipment.