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Lubricant of special type of dust actor Nuo synthesizes Ning Gang of type gear l
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Blender of cylinder of agglomeration of ironworks of limited company of peaceful wave iron and steel opens type gear gush to drench system (4.4MX17M, advocate 630KW of electric machinery power, 6r/min of cylindrical shell traversal speed, productivity 980/h, blender solders to roll whole of circle, cylindrical shell type construction, bearing of steel bearing roller, system of applied grease spray is time eject, rare oil-lubricated eject pumping station is in charge of face of quadruplet bearing roller and decelerate machine opening type of positive drive lubricant, use automatic fuel injection lubricant fit is right appearance of tine circle, campaign rolling a circle is time undertake fuel injection enrages mist lubricant) , since the portion moved in April 2007, the pitch that uses some to import well-known trademark all the time base fat of gear opening type undertakes lubricating, because base oil viscosity is too low, adhesiveness is insufficient, oily film intensity is low, lubricant divulges a quantity big, spot environment pollution is serious, caused tooth flank nick inside very short time, flake wear away with exhaustion phenomenon. To improve oily film strength, repair is original the product wears away, dot corrode and flake, improve spot environment to pollute serious phenomenon, reduce integrated cost, improve manufacturing efficiency, on June 7, 2007, delegate of Shanghai of lubricant of special type of dust actor Nuo is in engineer course and equipment ministry colleague to communicate, the spot is lubricant to agglomeration blender the current situation undertook the spot is diagnosed, refer equipment ministry, puddling ministry and country the leader undertakes declaring approving related trade company, the decision opens type gear gush to drench the system undertakes lubricating transforming to 1 # blender, 3 departments leader passes the conference and sign to be approbated truly transform in order to undertake.   

On November 14, 2007, 1 # blender serves the engineer's guidance and assistance to fall in technology of dust actor Nuo, use fist of lubricant of special type of dust actor Nuo date of Unigrease OG3000-00 of product of ace of lubricant technical reformation synthesizes type gear lubricant to undertake ability changes, this product synthesizes V40 of base oil viscosity: 6000mm2/ S, PDAgglomeration bear 800KG, use compound and organic stiff change an agent and add accept rice class to exceed additive of fine solid body stiff change and become, wait for harmful material without bitumen and dissolvent. The system opens accident to go 20 minutes tooth flank forms film of shining, wet, even oil namely, 9 lubricate 30 minutes automatic gush Lin Yi second, every lubricant dot gush forest 6 seconds, stability of tooth flank temperature is between 24~26 ℃ , moving stability is normal, lubricant is not had divulge. The safety that passes 11 months moves, apply actually in the spot, the respect Unigrease OG3000 such as rehabilitate of lubricant effect, tooth flank, use quantity, integrated cost, service synthesizes type gear fat to show superior competition ability, use quantity is dosage of 900KG(bitumen brand every months only) of 1 ton of above, the technical reformation that obtained pair of predicted original products completely and cost saving the real data of 1 million yuan of above, with some card photograph compares the home made product to also save more than yuan 230 thousand every year more (use quantity is 7 tons of) , lubricant and undesirable overhead costs still does not include during.   
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