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The 9th air conditioning, freezer and compressor communication can be held
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"Chinese Institute of Refrigeration air conditioning of the 9th whole nation implement, freezer (ark) with compressor academic communication is met " on September 17, 2008 - in Guangdong 19 days the province arranges heart city to hold. The conference by academy of Chinese electric home appliances

This second congress is in: "Energy-saving environmental protection, green refrigeration " below the theme, to air conditioning implement, the new technology of freezer and compressor, new technology and efficient heat exchange, labour is replaced character, the research achievement of the respect such as reduce expenditure component, standard and detect the content such as system of hot pump of technology, CO2 and progress of technology of microtherm hot pump undertook communication and delibrate, thereby promotional the communication of the technology between the enterprise and information and understanding, produce to what hurried has job learn to grind union, stimulative industry is energy-saving environmental protection, healthy progress will have positive effect. Good to attend a meeting this academic communication, secretariat undertook the conference prepares seriously: Offerred paper market and interpret collected works for the delegate, collected essay reflected current situation of problem of the difficulty inside current trade, heat and foreign technology development, research centrally, make this communication is met content is richer, technical content is higher.
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