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The 6th compressor and refrigeration international conference are handed in in X
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On September 26, 2008 morning, hand in by Xi'an sponsor greatly, international Institute of Refrigeration assist do " compressor and conference of refrigeration technology international (International Conference On Compressor And Refrigeration 2008) " big international learning is handed in to communicate a center to kick off in Xi'an. Conference chairman Professor Liliansheng delivers open address. 25 days of evening, professor Xing Ziwen was entertained on behalf of organizing committee fete assist do unit delegate and specially invite delegate.

This international conference already held 5 successfully in China, the simulation that the limits of conference delibrate includes compressor and refrigeration system, design, analysis and the technical direction such as moving control. This conference regards the series of international Institute of Refrigeration as one of conferences, already produced extensive effect in domestic and international compressor and refrigeration technology domain, become one of important international learning meetings inside this domain.

Bencihui discusses by a definite date 3 days, share scholar of many 150 China and foreign countries and enterprise delegate to attend, the abroad delegate that comes from 12 countries such as the United States, England, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Chinese Taiwan and area among them is close 60. Delegate attending the meeting communicates and discuss the latest technology inside domestic and international compressor, refrigeration and relevant domain, product and pertinent information to wait. The conference by association of industry of air conditioning of refrigeration of international Institute of Refrigeration, China Institute of Refrigeration, China, China branch of compressor of association of general and mechanical industry assist do, got European pneumatic association and Shanghai sea stand, of the enterprise such as Atlas Copco, Carrier, cut into a mountain, Han Zhong support energetically.

The conference gets a paper in all nearly 70 (the paper outside its China is close 30) . The meeting is special still invited the distinguished scholar that comes from the United States, Europe, Japan and China to make thematic report, among them, professor Predrag S Hrnjak of university of Yi of Nuo of American Yi benefit made " Carbon Dioxide As Refrigerant: Challenges, the Role And The Prospective " thematic report; British city college Professor Nikola Stosic was made " Geometry Of Screw Compressor Rotors And Their Tools " thematic report; American Maryland university Professor Yunho Hwang was made " Advanced Technology For Air-Conditioning And Refrigeration " thematic report; Vice-chairman of European pneumatic association Mr Filip Vandenberghe was made " An Introduction To Pneurop " thematic report; Atelasi Kepu Xie Chun of vise general manager made department of technology of compressor of China stalking or branch " Atelasi Kepu of Ke Zhongguo; A of university of Japanese Tokyo industry. Xi'an traffic university Professor Saito and Professor Yu Bingfeng was made " Introduction To International Journal Of Refrigeration " thematic report. Numerous delibrate and report develop to affect generation actively to what in the near future refrigeration reachs compressor industry.
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