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Industrialization is permissive " circular law " convoy equipment reproducing
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"Circular economy, it is to point to in production, current decrease with what undertake in the process such as consumption quantify, the floorboard that recycle, resource turns an activity. " eleventh the 4th times the conference passes the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress " economy of loop of People's Republic of China promotes a doctrine " (the following abbreviation " circular law " ) , make afore-mentioned definitions to circular economy. This law applies since January 1, 2009.

" circular law " the recycle that weighs, it is to point to regard a product as to perhaps serve as a product to use via add of succeed of repair, face-lifting, reproducing trash directly, or the perhaps serves as other product partly entirely component trash gives use.

So far, industrial domain is energy-saving the main project that decreases a platoon -- , equipment reproducing, serve as first special constitution of state law be includinged. The expert thinks, strengthen industry admittance, support company production, make the relevant law provision such as product standard, the industrialization process that accelerates equipment reproducing greatly, of system of industry of reproducing of stimulative equipment industry build.

3 large trades " permissive " reproducing

Regard Chinese reproducing as the trailblazer of the project, xu Bin of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering person reproducing the definition is: With cycle of whole life of mechanical and electrical products design and management are guidance, with abandoning old mechanical and electrical products to realize function to span type promotion is a target, it is criterion with material of high grade, efficient, energy-saving, section, environmental protection, it is a method with advanced technique and industrialization production, undertake repair and the floorboard of a series of transformed technology measure or project activity to useless old mechanical and electrical products.

Yan Yiping of standing vice director accepts committee of experts of association of Chinese auto industry when Chinese industry signs up for reporter special interview, point out: "The cost that reproducing equips is the 50 % that taste newly, but energy-saving 60 % , section material 70 % . Current, the annual produce of global reproducing industry can amount to 100 billion dollar. Among them, the United States occupies half above. In domain of American equipment maintenance, reproducing product is occupied than amounting to 85% . Reproducing product is occupied than amounting to 85% ..

Under photograph comparing, as make big country, chinese equipment assets puts a quantity to already exceeded -727379968 yuan, together with signs up for product of electric equipment of useless many enginery product, electron every year, the formation that is reproducing industry provided rich corporeal basis. But be short of as a result of what legal laws and regulations reachs a level break, reproducing of our country equipment fails to form industrialization dimensions tardy.
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