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Metallic manufacturing industry: Antitrust has not enter main program
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This year on August 1, antitrust law is carried out formally. Its come on stage, formal plan commits the forestall act of Chinese all trades and professions. Analytic personage expresses, of this law make and come on stage, advantageous Wu Bao protects health of market competition, stimulative economy to develop, be sure to Chinese economy 産 gives birth to far-reaching influence. Up to now, this law is carried out close already two months, the echo that rises in place of disparate industry market is endless also and identical. The author connects a line the expert of digital metal manufacturing industry and scholar, listen attentively to them to talk about this law to be opposite the influence that fractionize domain differs inside course of study.

What antitrust law brews 13 years is long, eventually at it is by last year August the 29th times at standing committee of National People's Congress of the 10th whole nation the conference is passed, carry out formally on August 1 at the current year. It aims to protect the antitrust law of fair competition, a few kinds of main forestall travel 爲 in covering market economy, reach forestall agreement to operator, abusive market controls a position, have or may have eliminate, restrict the operator of competitive effect to waited to set centrally limit means and condemnatory measure. In the meantime, to going at abuse political power force eliminates, the travel 爲 that restricts competition gives clearly also prohibit.

Travel secretary-general is opposite Shen Zhuang of branch of tool of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool to express affirmation at the active meaning that this law publishs above all. "Forestall is the thing of capitalist country all the time it seems that, but want existence market economy only in fact, with respect to the possibility that can have monopoly. Do not say material effect for the moment, I feel, the country can value this business and have legislation in the light of its, this is a country economy and ideological stride farther expression forth again. This is a country economy and ideological stride farther expression forth again..

Tool industry: How to raise labor to give birth to 産 rate to should mention program

Shenyang secretary-general points out, look from the market share of cutting tool, current, 70% what homebred cutting tool occupies market gross, and entrance cutting tool is not occupied 30% . Meticulous for, certain international manufacturer, be like SANDVIK, or 3 water chestnut, although its are famous,be spent and certain field place holds proportion big, but very far still from forestall. Look on machine tool market, abroad imports a machine tool to ever took home market at most 60% the left and right sides, but the rise that makes a standard as mainland, now this scale already fall back on 50% .

"The tool is a special industry, its 産 tastes a sale to include more it is technology and service. The market is multifarious to the demand of the tool, the tool of different technique content has different arrangement need. In recent years, the 産 of large company development tastes domestic share, take care of the market on a few larger or the demand of the mainstream; And what should see is, still a lot of give birth to the small company with 産 strong flexibility, development is first-rate, in the meantime, a few do cheap 産 to taste the town enterprise with valence get victory only, also satisfied demand of one share market accordingly. Also satisfied demand of one share market accordingly..
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