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Buffett values perspective of car of new energy resources
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5 billion dollar enters afterwards advocate after the United States is filled high, "God " Buffett in city low when confusing, move again, what choose this nevertheless is headquarters set in the Shenzhen, Biyadi that appears on the market in Hong Kong company (1211.HK) .

1.8 billion HK dollar is obtained 10% match carry out

Disclose according to abroad media, american well-known investor, " magical " investment firm Bai Kexi Er of Buffett - company of haing Sa Wei's subordinate affiliated company - Inc. signed MIDAMERICAN ENERGY HOLDINGS COMPANY(MIDAMERICAN) and Biyadi politic sex, according to the agreement, MIDAMERICAN will be compared 225 million times with every price subscribe of 8 yuan of Hongkong dollar inferior enlighten the share of the company, occupy Biyadiben about second the of 10% share scale after matching carry out, this second trade total amount is Hongkong dollar about 1.8 billion yuan.

Chief expresses to our newspaper related Biyadi, he ever also heard of this message, but the announcement of firm of city of particular case above is accurate.

Since this year, biyadi's share price is fluctuant between HK dollar of ~8.5 of 8 HK dollar, performance is quite smooth, the newspaper received 8.34 HK dollar on September 26, compared with the high price of 18.73 HK dollar had dropped last year in October nearly 6 into.

Baikexier - Mr Buffett expresses CEO of company of haing Sa Wei: Can become the partner of Biyadi and Chinese, the company feels special excitement. Chairman MidAmerican Mr David Sokol expresses: Very glad that can organic meeting invests so preeminent like Biyadi company, their product made crackajack contribution to environmental protection. On the task of the global climate change that innovation technology of Biyadi discusses continuously in the whole world and environmental protection respect, the role with all take on important.

Wang Chuanfu of Chairman Biyadi expresses, special reception resembles Biyadi Berkshire Hathaway and MidAmerican such long-term investment strategy is companionate, this investment will help Biyadi the development of car of new energy resources.

Take a fancy to the foreground of car of new energy resources

"Buffett becomes a shareholder in this moment Biyadi, it is the development future that took a fancy to car of Chinese new energy resources. " researcher of industry of automobile of wide hair negotiable securities multitudes Wei Qing expresses to our newspaper.

100 dollars are broken through in international crude price / bucket during, the cry recrudesce of car of new energy resources, international tycoon mixes technology, electric car and hydrogenous energy technology to go up to be thrown ceaselessly in oily report, car strive casts off crude oil manacle. "Who mastered technology of mature new energy resources, who can master commanding elevation in prospective competition. " have automobile group senior personage says.

Perhaps be the breakthrough on batteries technology, biyadi makes a domain also can realize the latercomers surpass the formers to be full of confidence in the car to oneself. Wang Chuanfu ever cried publicly went out " Biyadi plans to became Chinese first car to produce a business 2015, made the whole world 2025 the first! " catchword, his confidence originates electric car, he predicts 2015 Biyadi dimensions of year of produce and sale of the car it is 1.5 million.
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