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Area concentrates air feed benefit much
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National Day eve, association of industry of Chinese industry gas congress of the 18th member and annual meeting saved Yichang city to hold in Hubei 2008. On the meeting, expert attending the meeting passes analytic abroad sky to part the way of the development of equipment manufacturer, think consistently, regional concentration the development trend that the form of air feed divides influence home sky equipment manufacturer future.

Expert heat discusses area to center air feed
Company of southern project technology seductivelies dressed or made up in poplar 盠 source senior engineer points out when the speech, it is opposite that concentration of gas of regional oxygen, helium, argon is supplied at supply dispersedly, it is by professional air feed center concentration is produced, the product is in charge of through spot air feed path and steel bottle are carried or liquid tank car is supplied wait for different kind to send area inside each user. Its advantage basically has: One, concentration is supplied can introduce the series of large scale computer with advanced technology, thereby specific power consumption is reduced, little, unit invests fixed number of persons cost drops; 2, concentration is supplied will more specialization, make operate level, security and exercise efficiency to rise, after concentration is supplied because aircrew is much, OK and unified attemper, lowered diffuse rate thereby, decrease reserve aircrew, save investment; 3, because used big unit, can extract rare gas, realize integrated benefit in order to to reduce cost; 4, after concentration is supplied, invest always as a result of the society, cover an area of reach fixed number of persons to decrease, improved social beneficial result thereby.

"Regional concentration air feed still has a profit: Learn from others's strong points to offset one's weakness. " countryman of son's eldest son of standing vice-chairman, secretary says association of industry of Chinese industry gas, "Equipment manufacturer knows equipment to make only, do not know this how operation management, and aeriform firm is familiar to operation management, do not know how to maintain facility however, both is strong powerful combination, be sure get twice the result with half the effort. Be sure get twice the result with half the effort..

"Specialization production, socialization is supplied, garden area turns management is the air feed means that advanced country uses generally, its traceable Europe, then develops the United States and Japan. From the point of foreign circumstance, this kind of advanced air feed mode also will be adopted by Chinese gas industry. " records of state of bend of expert of association of industry of Chinese industry gas says.

Foreign capital enjoys market big cake alone
At the beginning of cent equipment manufacturer enters China, abroad begins the aeriform market of sortie China for nothing, established solely invested or joint-stock gas company in succession. They sell equipment at the same time, sell gas at the same time, keep a firm hand on lived the fluctuation of industrial catenary swims, full earthen bowl of each earn basin is filled with.
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