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Urine report " brood " give big industry
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Everybody wants to be less than, 30 because do urine report,need before New Year more, be in the plant of a plain bearing liner that runs in gully channel, can blossom actually all and a ginseng in lump economy is extremely big tree, and be at present this city develops momentum the fiercest, have competition ability and the burgeoning industry that have growing latent capacity most most.

Nowadays, suffer effect of macroscopical adjusting control, the boss of a lot of industries is woebegone, but all and the boss of enterprise of bearing plain bearing liner criterion still " be very popular drink hot " , 70% what because of this city enterprise of plain bearing liner of many 30 bearing holds share of market of plain bearing liner of domestic special bearing, other industry home has unlike thousands of tens of thousands of, want to do malign low not to have foreword competition. Because world each district is very much,overweight, only Zhu Jiren can make oversize plain bearing liner, because this Zhu Jiren mastered a price to counterpoise, also deciding this industry from this is all and an industry with the highest profit in lump economy, production value with annual 40% right-and-left speed increase by degrees.

Speak of bearing, average person can associate to ball bearing. The content of science and technology of ball bearing is lower, and the bearing that Zhu Jiren produces basically is sliding bearing, content of science and technology is very high, use extensively in the equipment such as the turbine, hydraulic turbine, air-blower, compressor, machine that make oxygen, rolling mill. There is the fittings that Zhu Jiren produces in the generation set that waits for national major project like nuclear power plant of hill of hydroelectric station of 3 gorge project, 2 beaches, the Qin Dynasty, even equipment of a few wars uses bearing also is out all and. Picture explain hair, Shen Ke, filling wait for a few enterprises to already became turbine of factory of Shanghai electric machinery, Shanghai factory of electric machinery of factory, Harbin and Harbin turbine the nation such as enterprise of war industry of factory, Chongqing is major the enterprise of main form a complete set of equipment company, in addition still become A Ersi of GE of German Xi Menzi, United States, France to connect this international the partner of group of 3 great power.

Speak of all and the development of course of study of bearing plain bearing liner, very interesting, it is the gully channel from the raw country that spend a spring actually in " hatch " come out. Going up century seventies, all and develop urine report energetically, change the difficulty with insufficient capital of fontal stair power station to solve initiate at that time, converting the factory building that the clearing upper cover of adjacent of photograph of 4 class power station had the spring to manufacture plain bearing liner palletly, develop slowly later expand, and drove the birth of an industry. This industry basically is centered in Zhu Jihuang hill to press down now, 2005, all and city in Zhu Yonggao each other of semi-annular jade pendant hill connects fast highway a base of property of plain bearing liner of bearing of the plan and construction around, adopt favourable policy, attract plain bearing liner of domestic and international bearing to produce enterprise settle.
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