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Homebred transducer, is the road in He Fang?
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In 915 programs, construction is managing model the society is a when will develop henceforth serious content. Using the sources of energy, managing the sources of energy effectively is construction managing model of the society specific reflect.

Electromotor is large family of accepted bad news report, its occupy whole countryman economy to use n 6 into above, undertake to it energy-saving transform, potential is tremendous. Should build managing model society, it is the working content that we must want to do. Technology of big thrust wide frequency control is the necessary step that achieves this one goal, it also is AC motor energy-saving transformed working key.

The development setting of high-pressured transducer reachs his principal port

Control rapid development of the technology as technology of electron of contemporary electric power and computer, promoted the technical revolution of electric drive. Communication timing replaces dc timing, computer number control replaces imitate control to already made development trend. Communicating electric machinery frequency control is current and managing electric energy, improvement produces technological process, improve product quality, and a kind of when improve moving environment main measure. Frequency control with its efficient, high power factor, and exceedingly good timing and open a lot of good point such as function of apply the brake and the timing pattern that is thought to have development outlook most by domestic grandfather.

The high-pressured transducer previously, by commutate of silicon controlled rectifier, the parts of an apparatus such as inversion of silicon controlled rectifier is formed, defect is very much, harmonic is big, influential to electrified wire netting and electric machinery. In recent years, a few new-style parts of an apparatus that development rises will change this one current situation, if IGBT, IGCT, SGCT is waited a moment. By the high-pressured transducer that they form, performance is superior, can realize PWM inversion, it is PWM commutate even. Have harmonic not only small, power factor also has very old rate rise.

The hair of transducer of homebred high pressure develops form

Current, there is many low-pressure transducer firm in home, what its are AC380V for the most part is medium small-power product, and in respect of high-pressured high-power transducer, however amount to is not much. Can the development, production, high-pressured transducer firm that provides a service, the has scientific research ability or capital actual strength specific company of only minority.

The electric machinery of medium, high pressure of only little part had home frequency control is transformed, and common use V/f to control fashion. The breed of high-pressured transducer and function still are in development phase, annual the market still needs a large number of imports. Main show is in these states as follows a few respects:

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