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Enterprise of bibcock of manufacturing industry of equipment of fine number our
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On October 25, 2005, our country's biggest project machine creates limited company of group of machinery of enterprise Xuzhou project, by the United States triumphant thunder invests a group with 375 million dollar (add up to 3 billion yuan of RMBs about) the price bought the equity of 85% . Before this 1995, the United States those strapped Carter to had created joint-stock company with Xu Gong;

In industry of oily oil pump, the company of the person at the head of a procession that company of German rich world buys trade of our country oily oil pump -- after Jiangsu does not have Xi Weifu limited company, the industry of oily oil pump of our country is bought by transnational corporation entirely almost, accuse, the technical center that the course builds for years by cancel, amalgamative;

In bearing industry, industry of bearing of the whole nation 4 years ago appears on the market first times company -- northwest bearing Inc. , already with the world company of FAG of Germany of firm of the 3rd large bearing is joint-stock, joint-stock company became after two years heart square solely invested enterprise. As a result of joint-stock, northwest bearing vacated the brand that managed old lorry bearing, lost occupy Chinese lorry bearing the market of 25% ;

The trade is made in chemical machinery, occupy hold the balance of the position " bright and beautiful westernize machine " , already as joint-stock as Xi Menzi of the tycoon that cross a state, the prospective judgement that the personage inside course of study cooperates to this kind is: Bright and beautiful westernize the technology of turbine machinery core of machine to be taken away by Xi Menzi, the maintenance of facilities of domestic large fertilizer wants to see Xi Menzi " complexion " .

In addition, the enterprise of a batch of bibcock of industry of our country key -- Shaanxi air-blower (group) diesel engine of lane of limited company of group of gear case of advancement of limited company, Hangzhou, Wei is finite liability company also by transnational corporation closely " bite into " do not put. Among them, of Germany " ZF " the company is controlling a limited company of group of Hangzhou advancement gear case in seek. Hangzhou tine is form a complete set of our country shipping is medium the arms of industry file leader of high speed diesel engine, gear case and project gear case produces a business, assume regular war industry job, if be accused by foreign whole, its are right army the impact that tastes production is bigger.

Additionally the message says, the relevant negotiation that couplet weighs division, Shandong to face the company such as labour in also is undertaking in. Can say, in local government drive below, bibcock enterprise of home is being brought into gradually below the banner of foreign capital enterprise.