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Seasonable change train of thought seeks company of kind brook bearing developme
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The horizontal river in Ci Xi is pressed down, large quantities of active one outstanding bearing manufacturer, here also is one of areas that industry of bearing of kind brook city centers most. Go up century end, the idea idea of kind brook enterprise begins change, limited company of bearing of peaceful wave Jin Peng uses industry of horizontal river bearing to be affected mediumly in international bearing market, chose small small-sized bearing to be enterprise dominant product, make the enterprise begins to enter development period.

2002, the company grows those who got electric power, labour force supplies the resource element such as insecurity to restrict. To break through bottleneck of this one resource, the enterprise begins to trying the specific power consumption in machining bearing the manufacturing technology with the tall, old density that use worker worker transfers Jiangsu Xu Yi, form a complete set is built to produce workshop in Xu Yi, use place to wait for resource relative to substantial labor power, land, solve company factory building little, the sources of energy is in short supply, artificial charge is advanced problem, make the company grows ability to get promoting substantially. At present Jin Peng was formed it is headquarters with Ci Xi, xu Yi machines the manufacturing situation of the dot for form a complete set, synchronism of two ground factory develops Yi of implementation kind brook, Xu.

Since 2003, limited company of bearing of peaceful wave Jin Peng invests many yuan 5000 continuously, the factory building that covers an area of many mus 300 was built in Xu Yi county, company high cost can bearing ferrule, heat treatment, plane is ground, grind involuntarily wait for manufacturing segment to move Xu Yi, become a rough machining of company that crosses a region to produce a workshop. Kind brook headquarters is given priority to with producing high accuracy product, at the same time treatment handles the semi-manufactured goods that Xu Yi workshop produces. This solved an enterprise to use labor issue not only, also drove the development of Xu Yi economy.

In recent years, company production value achieves growth of high speed of in successive years, at present bearing of golden roc company achieves 100 million yuan or so in the production value of Xu Yi, also rise by nearly 100 million yuan in Ci Xi's production value 200 million multivariate.

Product of golden roc company exports the forehead to occupy the 75%~80% that sells to the enterprise. Face the factor such as exchange rate wave motion, golden roc company is timely undertake choosing to adjust to financial tool. Bearing of golden roc company wants to develop way for the proprietor of an enterprise with market of Euramerican high end, great majority enters high-end market, the value is relative taller, wait for 500 strong company form a complete set of world for 100 heart.

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