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Compressor industry: Bone of ⒄ of Mu of archives of favour of the that conside
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Compressor industry:

In last few years the wide attention that rapid development caused industry, since cutting compressor product line from 2005, all the way violent wind rises. From which happy health in light of issuance data, 2006 2 ~ in October, retail volume rose beautiful freezer compared to the same period 80.9% , turnover grew 99.2% compared to the same period, already from the industry the 14th inside, push forward the 8th.

As a result of 2, the outbreak of 3 class market, freezer industry was entered this year erupt period, freezer sale is all-time and good. This year April, a few otherer the small plant that produces washing machine also in succession unlimber, plan marchs freezer industry, this also trade of enough confirm freezer is current the situation of like a raging fire.

Product line of air conditioning compressor, the plan undertook measuring yield in October this year. And domestic a gleam ofCompressor industryDo not have oneself compressor product line however.

As a result of this year of compressor industry erupt, add use compressor water machine demand is quick and outspread, compressor sale is good this year, demand exceeds supply for a time even.