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How should be air compressor maintained
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Air compressor is maintained:

Of the pressure adjuster of 1. air compressor whole calm:
The adjustment that uninstalls pressure to be used bolt will undertake adjustment, bolt suitable hour hand rotates, uninstall pressure to rise, anticlockwise rotate uninstall pressure to reduce

The relief valve of 2. air compressor:
Outfit at gas tank / the relief valve on oil gas segregator is checked every year at least, adjust relief valve to want to professional person is in charge of undertaking, ensure relief valve can work normally.

Air compressor is maintainedexamine move is as follows:

Observe actuating pressure at the same time, at the same time slowly the clockwise rotates the adjustment of pressure adjuster bolt, when pressure reachs formulary numerical value, relief valve has not been opened or amount to before be worth to the regulation, already opened, must adjust.