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Diaphragmatic compressor: Sha ぱ considers τ of gizzard of moraine of of whole
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Diaphragmatic compressor:

Diaphragmatic compressorIt is to lean diaphragmatic the compressor of move back and forth that makes reciprocate compress and transport gas in air cylinder. Diaphragmatic edge is circumjacent by two limitation board clamp comprises air cylinder, diaphragmatic is by machinery or hydraulic pressure drive inside air cylinder reciprocate, the compression that realize pair of gas thereby and carry. The area of list of volume of air cylinder job of diaphragmatic compressor and the ratio that enrage crock bulk revive than going to compressor of a place of strategic importance is gotten greatly much, aeriform compression is adjacent at isothermal process, the pressure of every class compares reason can be as high as 30. Diaphragmatic compressorUse balata or plastic those who make is diaphragmatic and by the compressor of mechanical drive, apply to stere of capacity amount to to be mixed hourly only the circumstance that exhaust pressure controls for 1.5 million handkerchief.

The application of diaphragmatic compressor:

Diaphragmatic compressorgas does not get pollution, agree with all sorts of utility when small capacity. If use as,﹑ aquaria raises adjuster of pneumatic of ﹑ of device of small-sized air feed of the pool aerate device, and oily ﹑ is not had in chemical industry poisonous ﹑ mordant ﹑ is precious or the transportation that has radioactivity gas and pressurization.